Why would you need virtual bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is no different than regular bookkeeping.  Only difference is that our bookkeepers access your bookkeeping software remotely or “virtually” over the Internet.  The bookkeeper providing such services is referred to as a virtual bookkeeper.

Our virtual bookkeepers can update your bookkeeping software hosted online, on a desktop within your premises or at a third party.  They never have to step foot into your office and can do the work from anywhere in the world.  As a result, our virtual bookkeeping offers significant potential to drastically improve the quality, focus and cost associated with bookkeeping.

Quality – You are no longer dependent on just the local talent pool for bookkeepers.  You have access to numerous educated and experienced bookkeeping professionals across the globe.  Our operations are based out of two centers in India and we have access to some of the best resources available.

Focus – Since our virtual bookkeepers never have to travel, they can support bookkeeping for multiple businesses.  This allows us to focus on what we do best.  Unlike in-house  bookkeepers, who have to be jack-of-all-trades to justify their pay, there is little reason for our virtual bookkeepers to perform trades other than bookkeeping.  We can afford to be the master  of just one trade and one trade only.  We have chosen to focus even more and specialize on just one software tool i.e. QuickBooks.

Cost Savings – Last, but not the least, since a virtual bookkeeper is based in India, you can take advantage of the lower cost of living in India to get excellent talent for a fraction of the cost.  As an example, we offer ridiculously low rates for our virtual bookkeeping.  Yet, you get bookkeepers with college degrees.  And, our bookkeepers are very happy with their pay.  It’s a win-win situation!

Virtual bookkeeping is great for small businesses and CPA’s that need to  improve quality, sharpen focus and reduce overhead costs for bookkeeping.  Virtual bookkeeping also takes a mundane and labor intensive task such as bookkeeping off the plates of business owners allowing them to focus on their company’s core competencies.

Virtual Bookkeeping

What Is A Virtual Bookkeeper Or Accountant?

A virtual bookkeeper is a person who provides accounting and bookkeeping services from a distance. This is possible by using remote access technology, which allows the virtual bookkeeper to provide virtual bookkeeping services from anywhere in the world. They can do all the same work that is normally done by a traditional bookkeeper, except that the virtual bookkeeper can work more efficiently and cost-effectively from any remote location, without the need of ever stepping foot into your business’s office. Virtual bookkeepers utilize a virtual accounting system or specialized software, such as QuickBooks, in order to help them provide the all of the required types of bookkeeping services that a business might need. They can access all of the necessary information to provide comprehensive virtual bookkeeping services quickly and efficiently through simple and secure technology that is being used by hundreds of other businesses.


A virtual bookkeeper is essentially the same as a standard bookkeeper. They can provide all the same bookkeeping services, and they can provide it with the same level of accuracy and quality. However, the main difference is that using virtual accounting firms is significantly more cost-effective, and the work can be done more efficiently with less wasted time and money.


This is great for small businesses that need to reduce their overhead cost and focus on their company’s core functions instead of getting bogged down in bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Maxim Liberty can provide a virtual bookkeeper at some of the lowest prices available anywhere in North America, which means that you can take advantage of low-cost bookkeeping services and still get everything that you need.


How Does A Virtual Bookkeeper Work?


A virtual bookkeeper works just like a regular bookkeeper, except that the virtual bookkeeper does everything from a distance. A virtual bookkeeper will work from a separate office, and will never need to visit your business’s office. They are always available through email or telephone, which makes communicating with one extremely convenient and easy at any time. A virtual bookkeeper uses remote digital technology to access all of the information that they may need, and they can set up approval processes with you for access to bank information, incoming/outgoing payments, or any other step in their work.


A virtual bookkeeper provides their services through three methods.


  1. Remote Access Software

Maxim Liberty can use remote access software programs like LogMeIn or Remote Desktop in order to access your computers from our own facilities. With these programs, we can access the virtual account to gather all the information we need to provide quick and reliable bookkeeping services.


  1. Online Bookkeeping Software

Maxim Liberty can also provide virtual bookkeeping services through the use of online bookkeeping software such as the QuickBooks online website. This allows us to provide all of our normal services through a secure online method.


  1. QuickBooks Desktop Software

Another method of remote access that Maxim Liberty uses to provide online bookkeeping services is QuickBooks desktop software. This allows us to connect with you and provide services remotely from our own facilities.

What can a Virtual Bookkeeper Do for Your Business?

What to look for when you hire a virtual bookkeeper?

A virtual bookkeeper can provide all of the same accounting services that would normally be provided by an in-house or one site bookkeeper. There is almost no difference in terms of the level and range of services that can be provided by an online accountants, and in fact, there are many advantages to switching to virtual bookkeeping services such as efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A virtual bookkeeper can provide all of the bookkeeping services that a small business might need, and they can do it quicker than most standard bookkeeping services. Some of these virtual bookkeeping services include typical business bookkeeping requirements such as:


– Bank Reconciliations

– Accounts Payable

– Accounts Receivable

– Sales Tax Filings and Payments

– Payroll Services

– Bookkeeping Reports


A virtual bookkeeper can provide any of these bookkeeping services, as well as any other bookkeeping needs that may arise for your small business. A virtual bookkeeper can be easily contacted at any time by email or phone in order to assist your company’s bookkeeping requirements as they arise. They are also able to provide detailed reports on all of your business’s bookkeeping activities so that it is easy for you to keep track of all the important bookkeeping details of your business. This allows business owners to stay on top of their bookkeeping records without getting slowed down by all of the extra paperwork or burdened by the additional administrative costs of bookkeeping services.


What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Bookkeeper?


There are many benefits to using a virtual bookkeeper instead of a standard on-site bookkeeper, and switching the type of service that a small business uses a smart and economical choice that can help their company grow. Virtual bookkeepers are extremely effective in their work, and their ability to complete any standard bookkeeping services quickly and efficiently are something that aids business owners directly. The more capacity that a bookkeeper has to deliver quality and accurate virtual bookkeeping services, the more benefits there are to a business owner. Anytime there are improvements to the proficiency and competence of any function of business, then the business as a whole improves. This gives business owners more time to focus on the core functions of their company without anything to worry about when it comes to the administrative components of running their company.


Although it is a necessary and important function of a business, bookkeeping is not always the part of the job that a business owner has a lot of time to dedicate to completing it. There are many vital functions that are necessary for running a successful company, and switching to a virtual bookkeeper can give a business owner much more time to focus on the tasks that are more directly related to the actual product or service that their company provides. This is a major benefit for business owners as they still get the bookkeeping services that they need to support them with accounting online help, but they are not subject to high costs. They also have the flexibility to get the bookkeeping services that they need and exactly when they need it.


Save Costs With A Virtual Bookkeeper From Maxim Liberty


Maxim Liberty has some of the lowest bookkeeping rates available for any small business in all of the United States and Canada. We are able to provide such low bookkeeping rates because of our effective team and the benefits of outsourcing workers.  Business owners can take advantage of our low costs and start to save money immediately by switching to virtual bookkeeping services. Virtual bookkeeping with Maxim Liberty is extremely affordable, but we still retain all of the data security, accuracy and reliability in our work that is normally provided by an on-site bookkeeper. Our rates so low and considerably more reasonable than keeping a bookkeeper in-house with your company.


Virtual bookkeeping is considerably more affordable than having a bookkeeper on staff. Our hourly rates are below even the normal minimum wage to maintain a bookkeeper as part of your company’s staff. Our rates are also considerably lower than the standard cost for an outsourced bookkeeper.  In addition to the lower rates of pay, a business saves money on office space, health benefits, vacation time, sick time, and other costs associated with holding a bookkeeper on staff with your company. These costs can be avoided by switching to virtual bookkeeping services, which gives business owners more capital to spend on growing their business, and more flexibility when it comes to choosing how they spend their money.


Improve Efficiency With A Virtual Bookkeeper


Virtual bookkeeping is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of a small business. A virtual bookkeeper is able to complete all of the standard services that are normally provided by a bookkeeper, but they are also able to do it more effectively and quickly. This is possible because they are able to access and organize all of your company’s bookkeeping information remotely, which means they are working directly with the information from your company. This gives virtual bookkeepers an advantage, as they are able to create processes and methods of bookkeeping directly from your system with a seamless integration into the standard practices of Maxim Liberty. Virtual bookkeepers are also able to establish a set of approval protocols with a business owner so that approval for bookkeeping services such as payroll, or incoming or outgoing payments, can be made quickly and easily. This makes a company’s workflow much more efficient and relieves a business owner of the need to constantly check and re-check bookkeeping activities.


The efficiency of a business’s operations can also be improved by virtual bookkeeping services because of the ease and convenience of weekly bookkeeping reports. This can help a business owner stay on top of their financial activities of their business by receiving all of the information in simple and summative reports on all of the company’s bookkeeping records. Custom reports can be made as well so that a business owner knows exactly what they need to know to help their business develop along the way. In addition to this, bank and credit card statements can be collected from multiple sources and synthesized into simple reports that give an overall summary of all of a business’s financial activities.


Make The Transition From On Site Bookkeeper To Virtual Bookkeeper


A small business can save a lot of time and money by switching from a one site bookkeeper to the virtual bookkeeping services provided by Maxim Liberty. The transition is easy and convenient, and your business can start switching over immediately with very little effort. One of the experts on our team can help a small business make the change to a virtual bookkeeper by consulting with a business owner about the needs and bookkeeping services requirements for their company. With a brief consultation, Maxim Liberty can determine what types of services you require the most and the best ways to improve the efficiency of your bookkeeping overall. It is an easy switch, and with modern bookkeeping software, it is even easier to transition the services your company needs and maintain bookkeeping services that are reliable and accurate.


This type of change is a smart and economical choice for any small business, which should not be underestimated. Although it may seem to be easier to continue moving forward in the same direction, a business that does not adapt or evolve when the opportunity presents itself is a business that is more likely to become obsolete or ineffective over time. In an increasingly digital era, it only makes sense to help a business develop with the times and remain competitive in the marketplace. Not only is a company that makes the transition to virtual bookkeeping services benefit from lower costs and increased efficiency in their daily operations, but they are also a company that is more likely to succeed overall.


QuickBooks Makes It Easy And Possible


Highly effective and accurate virtual bookkeeping services are all possible due to the powerful performance of online account system like QuickBooks. QuickBooks is an online software program that makes it quick and convenient to integrate remote bookkeeping services with a small business anywhere in the United States or Canada. Maxim Liberty has a team of experts who are totally fluent and proficient in QuickBooks, which gives us a strong ability to provide virtual bookkeeping services for you and your company. QuickBooks has been designed to facilitate remote bookkeeping and is an extremely effective program for just that. It allows a virtual bookkeeper to accurately and reliably track all of a company’s financial activities, as well as creates an effective format for conglomerating all of their bookkeeping information in one place.


Maxim Liberty’s team of experienced and reliable virtual bookkeepers are experts at using QuickBooks to provide all of the virtual bookkeeping services that a small business may need. This means that it is much more convenient to make the transition to a virtual bookkeeper, and there is no risk of losing reliability, security, or quality of the bookkeeping services that your company needs. Maxim Liberty can utilize QuickBooks and other online software on a daily basis to keep your company’s bookkeeping records on track. It is an easy solution for bookkeeping services, which also helps a company save money and time by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


Not Sure If It Is Right For You?


If you are hesitant or unsure if virtual bookkeeping services are appropriate for your company, you can contact our team to find out more about how it all works and what types of services Maxim Liberty can provide. There is a huge range of virtual bookkeeping services available, and the chances are that some of them will apply to your business. If your company requires any type of bookkeeping service, it is something that can also be done just as well by a virtual bookkeeper. Virtual bookkeepers are essentially the same as a standard bookkeeper, except that they can do the work more effectively and quickly from a remote location. This means virtual bookkeeping services are probably a better choice for your company as they are a great way to save time and money on your daily operations.


If you have any further questions or concerns with making a transition to virtual bookkeeping services, the best way to find out if it will work for you is by contacting a member of our team. Maxim Liberty’s team of professional bookkeepers will be able to help you determine if a transition to virtual bookkeeping is the best choice for your company. It doesn’t take long, and a quick consultation will be able to answer all of your questions within a few minutes.

Supplement your in-house bookkeepers with a virtual assistant!

Supplement your in-house bookkeepers with a virtual assistant!
  • Are your bookkeepers getting tired of trying to do all tasks on their own?
  • Do you believe the current volume of work does not warrant another full-time or even part-time bookkeeper
  • Are you not satisfied with your part-time or full-time bookkeepers?
  • Are your current bookkeepers overloaded?

 Why not take advantage of our professional virtual assistants? Virtual assistants work with your existing in-house bookkeepers and assist with time-consuming and labor intensive bookkeeping tasks.

Examples of virtual assistance may include:

  • Entering invoices and bills in QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Data Entry.
  • Generating custom reports for your end users.
  • Sending invoices via email to clients.
  • Paying bills using QuickBooks or online banking Bill Pay.
  • Filing and paying payroll and sales taxes.